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Proposal presented by: BlokPay

We propose that you immediately replace your current processing with the EDGE Program from North American Bancard.

Savings On Credit Card Processing

$2,400 per month*

In 6 months you will save $14,400

In one year you will save $28,800

*This is based on your merchant statements provided previously and analyzed by our team. It is impossible to know exactly how much each month because of the prevalence of EBT and Debit card usage isn’t itemized on your statements. These transactions lower your possible savings because they still incur fees while being qualified for cash discounting due.

In order to unlock the savings that the EDGE program offers, you just need to upgrade your hardware and software.

Ordinarily, we can give you a single POS for free. However, in our meetings together I believe the needs were actually far more extensive than just a single POS. You wanted integration and uniformity in reporting, multiple POS systems and multiple accessories all tied together with a best-in-class software solution made specifically for pizza restaurants.

We’re exited to present to you that solution. Our team of POS experts have created a package specifically tailored to your needs. Furthermore, we have a dedicated team who will support the implementation process to make the hand-off as smooth as possible, while we’ll be here locally to advocate on your behalf any questions or concerns you have along the way.

Solution Overview


Pizza Restaurant Software

Engineered to be easy to use, Vigore helps to streamline the flow of your fast paced, high demand operations. Your operations will appreciate features such as slick 2-click order taking, barcode scanning, delivery, employee time clock, inventory control, and EMV Ready certified payment processing.

Vigore’s delivery module supports customer profiles, street name and cross street lookup, as well as special delivery instructions. Seamlessly integrated with all of Vigore’s other business modules, it is perfect for businesses that provide Pizza delivery. Vigore also allows order by phone and prints out receipts complete with customer information to make tracking phone orders easy. Drivers can be assigned and Cashed out with 2 clicks and generate the reports by mileage, tips, coupons and discounts for each Driver.


15″ Touchscreen with printer/cash drawer

The environment we discussed you having the most need for POS coverage would be served by having multiple POS systems each with a printer and cash drawer capable of running the EDGE program. These POS systems feature:

  • Liquid resistant and designed to work in the harshest restaurant environments.
  • Projected capacitive technology with multi-touch
  • Hard drive is isolated from the heat source of the motherboard to increase longevity and efficiency
  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • 1.8GHZ Processor, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD
  • Integrated receipt printer
  • Detachable cash drawer

APT50 Mobile POS

Servers can take orders at the table directly, cutting down wait times and leading to happier customers and more business. No main POS station needed. Payment processing also becomes a no-hassle procedure as Epic POS allows for table side credit card charging. All you need is a credit card swiper, which easily attaches to the Android tablet.

Epic POS supports a wide array of features: table service, quick service, eat-in and to-go options, cash and credit card processing, split bill, gift cards, print bill, and more! Epic POS is sure to meet all of your business needs.


Online Ordering

Allow customers to search for your business and place and order online. They can create and save a profile for easy access and sign-in. They can pay online or in-store with an option to save their credit card on the most secured payment gateway integration we have.

Before the customer tries to order online, they must either login as a guest or as a registered user.

After a customer logs in as a registered user or guest, they are given a list of stores nearby based on location. The user will be able to view and choose with store they wish to be redirected to.

On the ordering page, the customers can view menu items by clicking on the various categories listed at the top. Simply tap or click on an item to add it to the cart. If an item has any forced modifiers, a dialogue box will pop out asking for customers to choose modifiers.

Once the customer decides to check out, they will be directed to the payment site. For an unregistered guess, they must proceed checkout by entering in credit card information for payment. If the customer is registered, they can choose to pay in store and not have to pay at the current moment. Or they can choose to pay now by manually entering in credit card information or use a previously saved credit card token.


Aura Cloud-based Reporting

Free yourself from the day-to-day operations and manage remotely with in-depth valuable real time data on your PC or internet connected Smart Phone or Tablets.

Aura is an analytics tool to help you oversee your business operations. It includes everything from monitoring your sales, pulling up past sales, managing employee’s hours, and much more.

On the home page, you can view your sales, sales breakdown, employee status, hourly sales, latest orders, and most sold items. All the data you see is generated in real-time and you can also choose to view data from other stores you have registered.

You can view and export various reports. Choose the desired store you wish to pull the report from, select the date range, then select the type of report you want to view. The report is generated according to the options you have selected.




As an ELITE Care customer, you have access to unlimited phone support, email support, and back-end support to quickly resolve issues and answer your questions.


When things go wrong, you want it fixed by a professional and you want it fixed fast. Your business depends on it! As an ELITE Care client, you will receive priority in the event of an emergency.


Accidents happen.  Computers wear out, stolen, or perhaps destroyed in an act of nature. Who knows? While equipment is easily replaced, you may not have time to back up your valuable data – financial reports, client’s data, menu, inventory, payroll, and other essential information. That’s why we take secure, confidential and automatic Cloud Backups for our ELITE Care clients – for that unfortunate time when things can go wrong.

Your Adjusted Savings

The savings on processing and coupled with financing can make this transition have zero negative impact on your cash flow. Here's how.

Estimated Timeline:

Processing Savings
Monthly Fees
***Estimated Financing Payment
Adjusted Monthly Savings

Solution Investment

This is the right-sized solution your restaurant needs with nothing extra.

(4) POS Hardware Onsie/printer/2 cash drawers
(4) Bixolon Dotmatrix printers
Caller ID Software
(1) APT50 Mobile POS + card reader
Menu programming service
(2) IPP320 Pin pads
Online Ordering Setup
(2) POS Hardware Customer Displays
(1) Command Station POS i3 with printer
Vigore Restaurant Software (Monthly)
Elitecare & Aura (monthly)
Online Ordering (monthly)
EDGE Program Fee (monthly)

Total: $9587

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We don't reduce credit card fees, we eliminate them.

Accepting this proposal represents your consent to proceed with the process of actually applying for the EDGE program and/or obtaining hardware with the option to purchase outright or potentially lease. Not all applications are approved and underwriters may request more information in order to approve your account. This proposal is our best estimate for costs and savings associated with you doing business with us. Certain variable costs are impossible to know beforehand, so this estimate may slightly differ from merchant statements in the future. This estimate does not include any existing contracts and obligations you currently have with any other vendor for processing, advances, and/or hardware leases.