Want to make $100K a year doing sales?*

We have a starter program that you can use right away to be making steadily increasing residual income on top of regular bonuses as you grow a book of business that can eventually be converted to cash at 5X the monthly residual value.

How Exactly Does this Work?

Generally, selling credit card processing is lucrative but every business owner has been approached no less than 100 times by people in the field already. So, how much money can you actually make out of this business? As with anything involving sales, your income potential mostly depends on how hard you work. However, some sales positions have vastly different earning potentials. In this business the leading sales reps make over $100K a year.

Here’s the math. Agents usually receive up to $500 each time they sign a new client — the amount is strictly paid for signing the deal.  On top of that, they earn a bonus around $750 per month. Then, the biggest money maker for a rep is their share of the residuals for the clients they sign. Each time clients use their credit card terminal to accept payments through their merchant account; the processing company earns a small percentage of the sale (any amount ranging from a few pennies to some dollars.) The processing company continues receiving this pre-determined amount for as long as the merchant is enjoying its credit card processing services. The sales representative who signed on the client earns about 25% split of this income. Meaning every time the merchant swipes a credit card, the sales rep is making money.  This is known as residual income.

If a representative signs on 15 clients per month and at an average of $50/client every month, he/she gets to increase their monthly income to around $750.  After 12 months of hustle, they will have raised their monthly earnings to over $9,000. With Blokpay your residual income potential is actually higher because traditional credit card processing involves always losing customers to competitors who promise savings off already low rates. We don’t beat rates; we eliminate them! There’s nothing to save the merchant. You land a client with us and you get to keep them!

What do you get with this package?

Training, a proven sales process, scripts, 250 business cards, a phone extension that forwards to your cell or rings through an app on your smart phone, professional email, CRM access to be organized, and a brand that you can go to market with a remarkable story of saving vendors tremendous amounts of money rather than paltry sums not worth the time of even talking about like most processing companies.

  • Training
  • Sales process
  • Scripts
  • 250 Business Cards
  • Phone number and extension
  • Email address
  • CRM software access
  • Amazing product that sells itself (you give away money)



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